Ten reasons why leasing your land to Anthony Acres is a great decision.

  1. With over 300 cropland agreements in place, we know how to make sure landowners are looked after with respect and integrity.
  1. Our company owner is a hands- on manager who actually is in your field operating equipment and knows your farmland first hand.
  1. We can be conveniently reached through many means of communication - website, social media, email, texting, telephone and even the old postal system.
  1. We are a large agriculture business with a professional staff that ensures all regulations are followed. We have been in the agriculture business for 48 years and believe in the principle of looking after your land as if it were our own.
  1. You will qualify for the Farm Property Class Tax Rate Program offered by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. This allows a 75% property tax savings on the designated farmland.
  1. We assess many factors when determining the fair rental value of your land and will discuss the process with you.
  1. We are flexible in our agreements. For example, Landowners with succession plans, can be accommodated with their specific needs.
  1. We use Conservation Tillage practice of No Till for soybeans and wheat, Minimum Till for corn. These methods reduce water and wind erosion, while improving organic matter levels in the soil. They also establish healthy microbial communities for soil resilience in our changing climate..
  1. Your farmland benefits from our Sustainable Agriculture initiatives such as crop rotation to reduce weed / pest pressure and the use of post- harvest cover crops to improve soil structure and fertility.
  1. Feel good knowing teaming up with us, you are a responsible link in the food production chain meeting the needs of today's population without compromising the needs of future generations.

Let us answer all your questions and supply you with the information you need to Get Growing With Anthony Acres.

Regardless of the time of year, if you are interested in teaming up with Anthony Acres contact us today.

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