Harvesting Operations

The combine, invented in the U.S. in 1834, is one of the most economically important inventions ever. Operation theory of the combine has basically remained unchanged since it was invented. Modern John Deere combines have evolved into highly engineered mechanical and computerized marvels.

At Anthony Acres, these combines do more than cut and thrash the grain. They provide us with accurate data in the form of second by second crop yield maps as the combine moves across the field. This information is critical in our analysis and Precision Agriculture application.


  • 12 row corn head on JD S670
  • 6 row corn head on JD S660
  • 35' draper head on JD S670
  • 30' draper head on JD S660
  • 30' draper head on JD S660
  • GreenStar 2630 display with StarFire 3000 GPS auto steer and yield mapping