Where and how we operate

Anthony Acres Ltd is a Canadian company operating in Southern Ontario within a large region from the Greater Toronto Area in the south, to the Dundalk Highlands in the north, from Guelph in the west to Caledon in the east. This area, inclusive of the Regions and Counties of Halton, Peel, Wellington and Dufferin, represents some of the best farmland in all of Canada.

By means of Best Management Practices and Precision Agriculture, Anthony Acres Ltd is dedicated to conserving, preserving, protecting and improving the farmland and the environment in which we work.

We are vertically integrated, with all facets of the business being done in-house.

This includes:

  • crop marketing and sales
  • agronomy
  • seed cleaning and treating
  • field cropping and crop protection product application
  • equipment maintenance
  • trucking
  • cropland improvement and protection.

We have 2 elevating, drying and storage facilities, one in the Greater Toronto Area and on the border of Wellington County and Dufferin County.